Love, Fear, and the One Who Chooses

I am love.  The aspect of me that is self-energy, that is my soul, that is connected to God is love.  In that place, I am love more than anything else.  That aspect is courageous and compassionate and creative, and all of it stems from love. I am fear.  Some parts of me are so … Continue reading

When the Spark Returns

I started writing creatively again last night. It’s so hard to explain what that feels like.  How, when I’ve been away for long enough, I begin to even question that piece of my own identity.  And wonder who I am without it. Though I know now that who I am is still a vibrant, interesting, … Continue reading

Worthy Creative

All of a sudden, out of the blue, the entire concept of me being less than or not good enough for anything I want to do strikes me as ridiculous.  Where did I gain this concept of being unworthy?  Is there some sort of humbleness in diminishing myself? There is not, but perhaps I have … Continue reading

The Gremlins are Back

I officially left my “day job” a few weeks ago (two days before my 35th birthday) to go on a sabbatical with the intended purpose of writing, delving more deeply into myself, and figuring out what I want the next stage of my life to look like.  A friend of mine, who is a professional … Continue reading

The Charming Fable of Safety

Last year, I learned something scary. When I experience epiphany, it always seems to come in a lightning bolt of recognition: something previously unknown that is at once obvious and undeniable.  But usually when I look back I can see little elements of the idea trying to spring forth in my mind – small tests … Continue reading

Being Mine

You can’t keep me.  Only I can keep me.  And that’s both beautiful and terrifying. I am the possessor of my own soul and you can’t have a piece of me unless I say so.  I can choose to take me back anytime I want.

The Two Sides on Change

I did something big recently.  I did something that – for me – is the emotional equivalent of jumping off a cliff.  Which, despite how scary it is, is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been a bit of a daredevil throughout my life.  Something that I don’t think most people would naturally assume … Continue reading


Two steps forward.  Two steps back. Circle around and square your shoulders. Steady your focus straight on the horizon and take a deep breath.  Take as many as you need. Then run, run. And jump.

Driving in the Rain

A friend asked tonight if we could go back and tell our eighteen year old selves to change paths, to choose a different major in college, would we? There were some practical answers passed around the table, but my initial answer was no.  I like where I am, and even though it has absolutely nothing … Continue reading

Writing Cabin – The End

On Sunday, I had to re-convince myself to keep going on this.  I woke up loving it, and telling a friend via Facebook that I loved it.  But by 1:00, it was that boyfriend that you always feel 100% right with when he’s around and start to question the relationship when you’re away from him. … Continue reading