Changing the Pattern

It’s funny how what you really need will show up clearly if you just stay open to it.  When I was first planning this sabbatical, I would have told you that I wanted time off to write.  To try and sell my first book and to get started on the second.  And I have been … Continue reading

Here When It Hurts

I am not afraid of your pain. I can sit here comfortably with it, seeing you just as you are. It breaks my heart to see you hurting this way, but I am okay with that, too. Sometimes there is peace in it, if you feel it gently.  Sometimes there is more hurt in trying … Continue reading


They see a beautiful portrait An illusion of grace They don’t see snapping jaws or clashing fangs They see what the monster makes   She’s always kind and generous Unless you really know; The cauterization of her pain Happens so far deep below   Perfection and criticism run before The hungry greed of anger On … Continue reading

The Wisdom Jar

The Wisdom Jar

I’m really excited to present The Wisdom Jar – a new project that I’m starting just to capture little pieces of truth as I uncover them.  These won’t always show up on Wednesdays like the blog posts and creative writing, but they’ll show up whenever they strike me.  Feel free to write back and share … Continue reading

The Voices

Sam woke in the dark to the beeping of her alarm insisting that it was, indeed, morning.  She couldn’t prove it by the 5:30 AM sky in February, though.  She woke with the pain already inside her. Her body ached over the idea of just one more hour of sleep, but her mind was strict, … Continue reading

Love, Fear, and the One Who Chooses

I am love.  The aspect of me that is self-energy, that is my soul, that is connected to God is love.  In that place, I am love more than anything else.  That aspect is courageous and compassionate and creative, and all of it stems from love. I am fear.  Some parts of me are so … Continue reading

When the Spark Returns

I started writing creatively again last night. It’s so hard to explain what that feels like.  How, when I’ve been away for long enough, I begin to even question that piece of my own identity.  And wonder who I am without it. Though I know now that who I am is still a vibrant, interesting, … Continue reading

Worthy Creative

All of a sudden, out of the blue, the entire concept of me being less than or not good enough for anything I want to do strikes me as ridiculous.  Where did I gain this concept of being unworthy?  Is there some sort of humbleness in diminishing myself? There is not, but perhaps I have … Continue reading

The Gremlins are Back

I officially left my “day job” a few weeks ago (two days before my 35th birthday) to go on a sabbatical with the intended purpose of writing, delving more deeply into myself, and figuring out what I want the next stage of my life to look like.  A friend of mine, who is a professional … Continue reading

The Charming Fable of Safety

Last year, I learned something scary. When I experience epiphany, it always seems to come in a lightning bolt of recognition: something previously unknown that is at once obvious and undeniable.  But usually when I look back I can see little elements of the idea trying to spring forth in my mind – small tests … Continue reading