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On Being

The verdant strands of silence Woke me in the morning walking through the mist and the breeze Outside the quiet lake of my spirit, I could hear the noise buzzing But I ignored it I got pretty good at ignoring it Today I felt my being and simply sank into it Blue on blue Deeper … Continue reading

Here When It Hurts

I am not afraid of your pain. I can sit here comfortably with it, seeing you just as you are. It breaks my heart to see you hurting this way, but I am okay with that, too. Sometimes there is peace in it, if you feel it gently.  Sometimes there is more hurt in trying … Continue reading


They see a beautiful portrait An illusion of grace They don’t see snapping jaws or clashing fangs They see what the monster makes   She’s always kind and generous Unless you really know; The cauterization of her pain Happens so far deep below   Perfection and criticism run before The hungry greed of anger On … Continue reading

Being Mine

You can’t keep me.  Only I can keep me.  And that’s both beautiful and terrifying. I am the possessor of my own soul and you can’t have a piece of me unless I say so.  I can choose to take me back anytime I want.


Two steps forward.  Two steps back. Circle around and square your shoulders. Steady your focus straight on the horizon and take a deep breath.  Take as many as you need. Then run, run. And jump.