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I’m So Lucky

Every so often, I want to sit down and write the Acknowledgements page of my book.  I never let myself, and often lecture myself for thinking so far ahead; treating something as a book that is, at present, only an unfinished manuscript. Yet, the need to be grateful never really wanes in me, so I … Continue reading

47 Days

I told a good friend of mine today that I have 47 days to finish the first manuscript of my book. I’ve been trying to write a book my entire life, and have made significant progress.  However, I have never finished anything, and I thought it was about time I did.  So, I made my … Continue reading

Don’t Chalk Me Up To Crazy, Yet

Maybe a word of explanation here is in order.  Before you all start to think that I’m jumping off the crazy bridge, worrying about things I can’t possibly reach right now. I believe, very strongly, in the idea that our decisions, large and small, deeply impact the people we become, the places we go, and … Continue reading

Believe or Make-Believe?

I realized something the other day.  Something kind of heartbreaking.  Something that has been strangling me ever since. I don’t believe in myself as a writer.  In fact, I don’t believe in myself about much of anything. Often, I’ll share this thought with my husband.  Deliberately misunderstanding me, he’ll pinch me lightly and say, “Yep, … Continue reading

Lessons From My Stove

If you are unfortunate enough to have an electric stove, you may have a hard time relating to this post.  I’m not judging you; I’ve been there before.  I’ve been there long enough that when I finally started cooking with gas, I realized instantly how much cooler it was (both as a method of heating … Continue reading

For Love or Money

I’ve always heard it said that the best writers write for the love of it.  Not for the money.  Never for the money.  Just for the craft. So, I’ll admit that there are times when I question my own motivation.  I love to write, for the sake of writing.  I enjoy the process of creativity, … Continue reading

Kitchen Fail

Word to the wise:  In case you’re at my level of kitchen experience (which means you know enough to have tried to bake bread before, but not enough to have ever actually succeeded at it) and you suddenly feel that you’re cool enough to use the broiler (your husband googled it after all), DO NOT … Continue reading

Stealing Cinderella

There are lots of lies that fear tells you when you’re chasing a dream.  Several of the fears that I combat on a regular basis with my writing are ones that seem to be repetitive amongst people who are trying to create something.  Although, I imagine many of them still extend beyond things that are … Continue reading

When You Need to Keep Moving

For those of you who may not know, I’m a UGA grad, and I can’t seriously follow that announcement without saying “Go Dawgs”.  It’s illegal; check the handbook. And football is my sport.  I like and mostly understand football (although you can bet that if I actually see a penalty, it had to be pretty … Continue reading

Treading Molasses Here

The few of you who actually follow this blog may have noticed that I’ve been MIA lately. The reason for this is that I’ve been really stuck.  I am like someone trying to lose weight who waxes and wanes, and gains and loses that same twenty pounds, knowing that they really want to lose thirty-five, … Continue reading