About Me

If you clicked on this page, I’m impressed.

One of my biggest struggles in starting to write a blog has been the question of whether anyone is going to care what I think.  It’s a bit bold to ask complete strangers to be interested in your thoughts.

However, I love to write and I love to delve into questions about what life is and how it works, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve loved stories ever since I was young enough to “read” them to my parents – not because I actually could read yet, but because I’d convinced them to read me the same story so many times I had it memorized.  They must have been very patient to take me through the 47th round of Sesame Street’s The House of Seven Colors or The Penguin that Hated the Cold.

Now I write my own fiction, and have a novel that I’m hoping to publish: Break Me.  It took me longer to write than I am willing to admit (even to myself – I stopped keeping track).  During the process, I learned a vast amount about writing and life and myself.

A book takes a really long time before it’s ready to be shared, though, and I’m not ready to share mine just yet.  In the meantime, here I am with authentic thoughts about life, where I find truth and what it feels like to me, day in and day out, to be a creative.  The struggles and the joys.

Stubbornly believing that I have a gift to offer, if anyone wants it.

Roni Upright

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