Just a Writer

There are a lot of pieces to every one of us.  Sometimes, when I think about all the roles that we each fulfill, it’s a wonder how we ever manage to balance it all.

For example, I am a woman, a wife, a daughter, a sister.  I am a friend and an acquaintance.  An employee, an organizer, a dancer, an analyzer.  I am myself, which no one else can be.  And dozens of other specific things.

But with all these different pieces of who I am, there’s one that has just been dying to come out.  I am a writer.

I feel like I never get to be a writer as much as I’d like to be.  And so, acting on some very good advice, I decided to give myself a day where I was nothing else.

I put it on the calendar, re-arranged my to-do list items onto different days, and woke up last Sunday feeling refreshed.  It was a writing day, and I could spend the whole day doing it.  It was lovely.

Sometimes I really do wonder if I would enjoy being a “full-time” writer as much as I think I would.  After all, if you do this for a living and you leave other work behind, it’s not as though you never work again.  This becomes your work.  However, on the rare days when I can focus only on writing, I can feel the joy that comes with it and I know that I would love it.

I was also pretty impressed with myself because I finished 21 pages of editing (read: re-writing, in my case) which is about the average I typically get through in a month.  And the little voice in my head that always nags me to work on this more has relaxed a bit, knowing that it has gotten its turn.  Knowing that progress has been made.

So I’m scheduling another “just writing” day, although I won’t get there until next year.  I’ll still continue to keep working and pushing forward in the meantime.

If there’s something you love, something you never seem to have enough time for, consider taking a day to do just that.  I know, it’s tough to plan a whole day – it wasn’t easy for me, either.  But I found it to be very rewarding.  Maybe you will, too.

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