Posted in November 2014

Check In on Editing

The first thing that I learned about editing was that I really knew very little about the process of editing.  Even now, when people hear that I’m editing my first novel, they want to know what that means.  And the truth is that it probably means something a little different to each writer, but I’ll … Continue reading

I Promise Me

Today, my Dove chocolate reminded me to keep my promises to myself. Wow.  You know that feeling when you see an article, or hear a song on the radio, or open up a piece of chocolate and something says just exactly what you need to hear? I had been telling myself all morning that I … Continue reading

Thoughts from My Writing Journal

I forgot my writing journal today, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t put my thoughts on paper.  I’ll try to make a point to remember it next time. I sit in a Starbucks eating a rather tasty caprese panini that will likely be my Thursday dinner for the next few weeks, listening to the … Continue reading