Make the Time

This week, and next one, are very busy for me.  It’s been the end of the month (in case you hadn’t noticed) which means work is very busy, and the beginning of the month always is as well.  I’m going to Georgia/Florida this weekend for my first time (GO DAWGS!), my adorable little sister is getting married next weekend, and close family is already arriving in town.

Yeah, I’ve got a thing or two going on.

It would be so easy, in a couple of weeks like this, to push off the writing.  To say, “I’ll just take a break for these two weeks.  Things will settle back to normal after that.”  After all, who could blame me, when there’s so much to do?

But what I’ve noticed in the past is if I let myself fall off the wagon, it’s awfully hard to climb back up there again.  So I’m determined that I won’t slack off on these writing commitments that are so important to me.  I must keep going; if it’s truly important, then I must make the time.

Times like these, however, are exactly why I’ve kept the bar of my weekly writing goal so low, so far.  Even while there are so many exciting life events going on, I can manage to find time to write two pages a week.  In fact, this week I did four on Monday – deliberately making the time before days started to get really filled.  Next week, I’m also committed to making the time wherever I can find it.  It’s nice to know that, even though there are other weeks where I do much more, when life takes over, I can still meet my minimum goal.

In fact, it was easy enough that I just might up the goal again.  And that feels great: to know I’m making progress and moving even faster than I expected.  It really brings a sense of achievement and inspiration to the whole process.

When your life goes into a busy season, do you let yourself take a break on your goals or do you push through?  How has it worked out for you?

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