Time to Start… Again

Do you ever get the feeling that if you don’t start something on the first of the month, then you might as well just wait until next month because you have already screwed it up anyway?

I do this.  It’s ridiculous.  There’s no reason that tomorrow is worse than today.  Well, except for the procrastination thing, but that’s a different topic, and big enough to deserve its own post.  Someday.

Diets don’t only have to start on Mondays.  Resolutions aren’t the exclusive territory of January first.  New projects needn’t always happen at the beginning of a month.

The blog that I’ve been thinking about picking up again for weeks doesn’t have to begin today.  In fact, two months from now it won’t matter if it was the first or the second or the fourteenth.

Part of me feels that it would likely be wiser to wait until I felt more prepared.  Until I had a few written posts under my belt to pull out when the writing runs dry.  Until I knew exactly what it is that I plan to write about.  I could come up with a calendar.  A schedule!  Maybe even a color-coded spreadsheet because, as you’ll find out if you hang around, that’s the way my nerd-brain works.

I will probably regret this tomorrow, but sometimes impulse makes me say and do things that I prefer to forget in the morning.  It’s a trait that I always envy in others and then question in myself.  Maybe because when others act spontaneously, I don’t spend the next day second-guessing their decisions before my eyes are even open.

But this time, I will give in to my neuroses.  If my mind demands that I start on the first in order for this project to work out, then I will start on the first.  Even if I’m not fully prepared for what comes next.

Do you find yourself avoiding things you know you should start because the timing doesn’t seem just right?  If so, when do you think the right time for starting is?

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