Posted in October 2013


When I was growing up, friendship was always very tough for me.  Between emotional distance and age differences, I was never very close to any of my siblings.  Which was more important than it would have been in most cases since we moved around quite a lot in my early childhood, so it was difficult … Continue reading

Lessons From My Stove

If you are unfortunate enough to have an electric stove, you may have a hard time relating to this post.  I’m not judging you; I’ve been there before.  I’ve been there long enough that when I finally started cooking with gas, I realized instantly how much cooler it was (both as a method of heating … Continue reading

When I Need To Quit

So, I have recently started reading Allison Vesterfelt (, and she has quickly become my new favorite blogger.  She writes so many things that make me look inside myself with a different perspective and learn to see who I am in a different way (this is also the main reason I love reading blogs!). Recently, … Continue reading