Stealing Cinderella

There are lots of lies that fear tells you when you’re chasing a dream.  Several of the fears that I combat on a regular basis with my writing are ones that seem to be repetitive amongst people who are trying to create something.  Although, I imagine many of them still extend beyond things that are traditionally considered creative.  After all, if you work in an office and you’re trying to come up with the solution to a problem, that’s creative too, right?  Fear wants to knock us all down and keep us from doing great things.

However, it’s certainly true that some lies are worse than others.  A few are just hitting below the belt.  Recently, fear came at me with one of the scariest lies that it can dump in my lap.  I guess I’m getting better at getting away from that voice in my head, or at least acknowledging it out loud where it loses some power, because I got hit in the face with, what for me (and maybe you), is one of the biggest fears out there.

What if you have nothing original to bring to the table?

Cue the tears.  I mean literally.  I heard the lie and immediately burst out crying.  What if it was true?

It’s not.  Except that it holds some weight because it kind of is.

How many movies have you seen or books read that seem based on a fairytale from your childhood?  How many ideas have you seen repeated all over the place in slightly different formats?  There may be new things under the sun, but most of what we see is a re-imagined version of something else that already exists.  The key is that everyone who creates or re-creates puts their own unique spin into the mix.

I recognize that this is just fear trying to drag me down.  It doesn’t want me to create something new and amazing.  Something that could, in turn, be the catalyst for spurring someone else to create or to fulfill their dream.  So I’m calling a spade a spade, and a lie a lie.

But pardon me if you feel like you’ve heard this kind of thing somewhere before.


Has fear ever told you this lie?  How have you dealt with it?  Or are their other lies that are worse for you?

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