When You Need to Keep Moving

For those of you who may not know, I’m a UGA grad, and I can’t seriously follow that announcement without saying “Go Dawgs”.  It’s illegal; check the handbook.

And football is my sport.  I like and mostly understand football (although you can bet that if I actually see a penalty, it had to be pretty egregious, and there will be some rules that I misremember every single year).  So I was definitely bummed after our opening game loss to Clemson.  Anyone who follows the Dawgs knows that the team is very up and down, even within a given season.  So it’s really rough to start the season on a down note.  (I’m really not trying to start a college football debate here.  I guarantee you, I will lose.  If you’re up for that conversation, you want my husband, and you can find him at www.sofasidelinereport.com.)

But that loss brought on something that was interesting to me.  I had several people ask me if I’d given up on them for the season.  After one game.

Now, granted, the folks who said this were joking or trying to commiserate about the loss.  I don’t want to paint any of them as particularly negative people by taking what they said seriously: it wasn’t meant that way.

However, I think maybe there’s other areas of life where we say basically that same thing to ourselves and we DO take it seriously.

If you’re trying to lose weight and you work out and eat right all week only to discover when you step on the scale that you’ve gained a few pounds.  If you’re striving to get ahead at work and it seems all your extra effort is going unnoticed.  If you’re trying to chase a dream, and it keeps eluding you.  If your team fumbles the ball for a field goal that would tie the game and give you a shot in overtime.  If you just have a bad day where it seems nothing is really going your way.

Tough spots happen, they always will.  But don’t give up after one game.  Get back on the treadmill, or on the job, or inside your dream and keep pushing forward.

One of the things I struggle with most when working on any goal is motivation in the middle.  It’s easy to be all fired up in the beginning: your passion has been spiked and you are ready to go!  But when you hit those setbacks, those small failures that try to throw you off track, how do you pick that shining baton of enthusiasm back up and keep going?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any special answer to that question yet, other than just pick yourself up and try again.  Figuring out how to keep that passion burning when things are tough is something I’m still working on.  But I know that you NEED TO.  I know that’s how your dreams come true and your goals get accomplished.  Failure is a stupid reason to quit; it just means you need to try again in a different way.

Do you find yourself giving up when you hit a roadblock in your goal or dream?  What do you do to get past it?

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