Betwixt these two

My dreams are free-spirited.  My dreams are passionate and intangibly drawn.

But my nature is practical.  That sense of responsibility that orders my steps from day-to-day, that instructs me to follow what I’m supposed to do, may be what’s holding me back, strangling the dream.

This dichotomy between my personality and my deepest desires is what feels like it’s tearing me apart.  I’ve always felt that I’m complicated.  Maybe this is why.

There has to be a way for these two sides to blend to give me what I want.  What I so desperately need.  I don’t want to let go of either piece – they’re both important parts of me. They need to sit down in a room together and not come back out until they remember why they’re friends.  And then they need to start working together instead of fighting all the time.

Outside, I’m a get-it-done, check-it-off-the-list, make-sure-all-the-pieces-are-in-place kind of girl.  That’s why I told someone the other day that I’d make an excellent minion.

Inside, I’m a fly-into-the-air dreamer.

So, what I need to discover is, inside and outside, how can I successfully be both?

Are you more practical or free-spirited?  Do you ever feel caught in the middle between the two?  Do you think you can be both?

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