The Best Time For



I saw this picture while eating lunch at a Willy’s this week.  I loved the sentiment, so I snapped it.

But as much as I appreciate a good, icy, tart margarita, I realized today that I would like to adjust the sentiment a little bit.

The best time for joy is whatever time it is right now.

Too often, I forget to seek joy in the small moments of my daily life.  But it’s there for the taking, if you look for it.  I just get too wrapped up in problems and challenges, put the blinders of limitation on and start feeling stuck wherever I am.  Instead of finding the pieces of pleasure in wherever I am.

So whatever you’re doing today, be it work or play (I’m reading a book right now that says they should be synonymous, by the way).  Be it prayer or introspection.  Or be it just chilling out on the couch (I did some very enjoyable couch-chilling earlier).  I hope that whatever you’re doing today brings you joy.  I hope you spend your Sunday in peace and fulfillment, whatever that means in particular for you.

And tomorrow, when it’s Monday morning and I’m rushing through that lovely Atlanta traffic, trying to get to work (using love-ly in the Southern sense here, for those of you who know what that means), I’m going to try to get beyond the moment and find the joy that waits there.

Because the perfect time to experience joy is indeed whatever time it says on your clock right now.

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