For Me

As you may know, I’ve been taking a few weeks off, trying to regain my equilibrium and get focused for the year.  I didn’t want to make “goals” a thing this January, but I did still really want to set a writing goal.

Well, I have finally set it, and the goal is to finish the first draft of the manuscript in 2013.

As soon as I set this goal, my brain has a lot of issues jumping out at me, so I’m going to try to address them one by one.

  • You could do it faster; you don’t need to take the whole year.  Yes, yes, I hear you.  I saw the numbers.  It would be possible to kick tail and get it done by summer.  So what?  I don’t want to kick tail only on this and I REALLY don’t want writing to be something I start stressing out about not reaching a quota on.  There will be good days where I far exceed my goal and there will be bad days where it’s tough or I just decide to take a few days off.  I’ve NEVER in my LIFE finished a manuscript before.  It’s a major goal, and committing to getting that done in 2013 is a worthy goal and not too skimpy.
  • It might not get published.  Oh, we’re familiar with this threat now.  You’re right, it might not.  And I’m not even anticipating that in January of 2014 I’ll be looking at publishers.  This is the first draft manuscript.  It’s going to need to go through a series of serious revisions before being ready to send off to a pro.  But it should be ready to send off to some trustworthy family and friends to review.


Ha, well now, that’s all that comes to mind suddenly.  Guess fear has a little less to throw at me these days.

I will say this – I’m trying to get everyone else out of my head when I’m writing.  Because I’m doing this first and foremost for me.

For me.  This is something I’ve always dreamed of and if I accomplish a full, first draft manuscript, it will be a huge bucket-list item for me.  Something I will always be immensely proud of.

And I want to write that way too.  Not for publishers, not for readers, not for friends or family or anyone else out there in the whole world.  For me.

Because if I pour my heart into it, I will love it.  And if I write my heart, maybe other people will love it too.  In all honesty, other people generally tend to like me more than I like myself, so it couldn’t be a bad writing strategy, right?


Now I’m ready to get started.

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