Posted in October 2012

Be Uncomfortable and Be Okay With It

I’m in a room that’s 105 degrees Fahrenheit and my skin is now made of sweat.  I ignore it steadfastly, twisting my body as far as it will go into a strange position that has a name I can’t pronounce.  And then I hold it.  Dripping down onto my mat, with complete focus on the alignment … Continue reading

Daily Battle

When I’m here, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Not my co-workers.  Not my friends.  Not my family.  Not my husband.  Sadly, not even God. Self-confidence begins with SELF.  Something that took me a long time to realize and a much longer time to come to terms with. I can’t take anyone’s word for … Continue reading

To Do or Not To Do?

Sometimes I make the mistake of putting writing on my To-Do list. Let me enter here and just say that I’m an organization nut, so my to-do list is actually a spreadsheet, color-coded with groups and deadlines and a column just to tell me that I’m late on stuff.  It is a thing to be … Continue reading