From the Quiet

Man, early in the week, I was all about content for this blog.  I wrote three separate pieces of it, and felt like I had ideas for several more.

Now, I feel completely stuck.  Is it the pressure to create?  I didn’t put it on the blog, but I did make the commitment to myself that I wanted to post every Sunday.  Now it’s Sunday evening, and I’m sitting on my porch trying to put words onto paper.

Is it the pressure to perform – actually having an expected deadline but still wanting to create some quality thoughts – that has me standing still right now?  As much or as little as I may write on my book during the week, there’s nobody checking up on me to find out how much I’ve accomplished.  This is different.

And yet, this is also something I must become used to should I ever turn writing into any sort of career.

Maybe it’s just lazy weekend taking its toll.  My husband and I have felt like the “popular kids” lately with constant events and get-togethers with friends.  Honestly, most of the time we’re not.  I believe in quality over quantity pretty determinedly, and thus only let a small number of people into my life.  So it’s really rare for us to be go-go-go, and, having no plans this weekend, we decided to take a down weekend.  I even put “Quiet” on my calendar, because I’m good at blowing myself off if I don’t really schedule time with myself.

So maybe it’s just the natural indolence of lazy weekend, now culminating in Sunday evening and making me a little languid about getting going with this blog post.

Still, I think it’s extremely important to take those down days – those times of rest and recovery.  Sometimes it feels wasteful to just sit around and do nothing productive.  But I know that my batteries will be recharged and ready to go for the next week, and they’re going to need to be, because I’ve got a big week coming up.

Perhaps even more importantly, I like doing nothing except what appeals to me at the moment.  It gives me a lot of freedom to just hang out with myself and get in touch again.  I tend to find myself losing a grip on who I am a little bit if I don’t make an effort to re-connect with myself every so often.

So today’s post is a little random, but I hope that you can find some connection to it.

Are you always on the go, not giving yourself time to just “be” with yourself?  Or are you successful at indolence, easily ignoring things on your to-do list?

Perhaps you’re even someone who has found that secret trick to perfect balance where you can maintain all obligations and still carve out space to rest within yourself.  If so, can I have the recipe?

2 thoughts on “From the Quiet

  1. Your words move me and inspire. I hope you got to recharge and had a restful weekend. Keep writing sister! I’m so proud of you and will look forward to your Sunday posts.

    • Thank YOU, Laura! I wouldn’t be sharing this the way I am now if it weren’t for you! I did feel much better after a weekend “down”. Hopefully next week’s post will feel a little more “inspired” and a little less random.

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