Posted in September 2012

Butterfly Syndrome

I sit down at my computer to write.  I’m really going to focus on the book this evening.  It’s been a busy week so far, and I’m going out of town this weekend; I really want to put some work in on this thing. So I grab my Diet Coke, get comfy on the couch … Continue reading


My porch is currently occupied by a somewhat tattered kitchen chair, a black stool dotted with random flecks of paint, a cup of tea I have no interest in and an old vodka bottle whose purpose in life has now been redirected to collect the butts of my friends’ cigarettes when they come over. And … Continue reading

From the Quiet

Man, early in the week, I was all about content for this blog.  I wrote three separate pieces of it, and felt like I had ideas for several more. Now, I feel completely stuck.  Is it the pressure to create?  I didn’t put it on the blog, but I did make the commitment to myself … Continue reading

Step 1

Be brave. That’s what I’m telling myself today. Be brave enough to write something down on paper and share it. Be brave enough to start a blog, having no idea how in the world anyone will ever find it.  Even if you think you might not want anyone to find it, because you’re still not … Continue reading