Leave Your Weapons at the Door

One of the key elements of the parts work therapy that I do is understanding that all parts have my best interests at heart.  Each part, no matter how extreme, is working out of a deep-seated desire to help me be my best self.  And that’s a bit of a struggle to accept at times, … Continue reading

A Different Way to Handle Fear

I’ve read so much advice in the past about attacking or ignoring fear.  Treating it as though it’s straight from the devil or pushing past it willfully.  “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” always struck me as too simplistic, although perhaps I’m beginning to understand it.  I don’t know what works for others (and … Continue reading

Not Just Getting It Done

Today I have a lot of things I want to get done.  More, actually, than will reasonably fit on the list, so I’ve already been negotiating with myself what task level I’ll feel satisfied with and what will be considered bonus overtime (does anyone else do this?  Draw a line in between two tasks somewhere … Continue reading

When Manager Parts Storm the Castle

It’s official – my parts are messing with me.  Lately I’ve been hearing an endless litany of “You can’t do this,” and “You won’t be good at your next job,” and “There’s no hope of finding something you really love.”  Over and over, in an endless stream whenever I think about the job search.  It … Continue reading

On Being

The verdant strands of silence Woke me in the morning walking through the mist and the breeze Outside the quiet lake of my spirit, I could hear the noise buzzing But I ignored it I got pretty good at ignoring it Today I felt my being and simply sank into it Blue on blue Deeper … Continue reading

The Wisdom Jar

The Wisdom Jar

If life is about the journey and not about accomplishments or achievements, then we deserve – and need – to make sure the journey is as beautiful as possible.

Why I’m Done with ‘Should’

It’s interesting to me to hear people talk about words that they hate.  Most people seem to have an issue with moist (I don’t, but I get it).  Or overused buzzwords like synergy that sometimes seem to lose all meaning when spoken aloud. I have a deep, long-standing issue with the word should. Even writing … Continue reading