The Charming Fable of Safety

Last year, I learned something scary. When I experience epiphany, it always seems to come in a lightning bolt of recognition: something previously unknown that is at once obvious and undeniable.  But usually when I look back I can see little elements of the idea trying to spring forth in my mind – small tests … Continue reading

Being Mine

You can’t keep me.  Only I can keep me.  And that’s both beautiful and terrifying. I am the possessor of my own soul and you can’t have a piece of me unless I say so.  I can choose to take me back anytime I want.

The Two Sides on Change

I did something big recently.  I did something that – for me – is the emotional equivalent of jumping off a cliff.  Which, despite how scary it is, is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been a bit of a daredevil throughout my life.  Something that I don’t think most people would naturally assume … Continue reading


Two steps forward.  Two steps back. Circle around and square your shoulders. Steady your focus straight on the horizon and take a deep breath.  Take as many as you need. Then run, run. And jump.

Driving in the Rain

A friend asked tonight if we could go back and tell our eighteen year old selves to change paths, to choose a different major in college, would we? There were some practical answers passed around the table, but my initial answer was no.  I like where I am, and even though it has absolutely nothing … Continue reading

Writing Cabin – The End

On Sunday, I had to re-convince myself to keep going on this.  I woke up loving it, and telling a friend via Facebook that I loved it.  But by 1:00, it was that boyfriend that you always feel 100% right with when he’s around and start to question the relationship when you’re away from him. … Continue reading

Writing Cabin – The Beginning

First thing Friday, I didn’t want to go. I stood in the bathroom at 8:35 in the morning, already running late for work, holding my husband and thinking, for just one quick moment, that I didn’t want to leave.  I could just come home after work, like normal.  We could order a pizza and veg … Continue reading

Jungle Brain

Every dancer I know will tell you that there’s a stupid side. The narrative in dance class often goes like this, “Okay, drop your hip while kicking out your foot at the same moment, make sure you’re turned to the diangle, keep yourself tucked under, pretty hands in your standard W and don’t forget to … Continue reading

I Care What You Think

I remember a line in my head that says, “Take neither their praise nor their criticism.”  I don’t remember who said this or in what context I read or heard it, but it made so much sense to me.  If you truly want to be the kind of person who doesn’t care about the opinions … Continue reading

Start Over

This time of year, so many people are making resolutions.  A new year is a fresh start, and many are thinking about what they’d like to accomplish this year, what they’d like to stop doing or a new way to think of their own lives. I must say, I like resolutions, but I rarely make … Continue reading