The New Life of an Editor

Nearly a month ago, I finished the first draft of my first novel, and moved into the brand new (for me) world of editing. It’s been rather different than I expected it to be.  Isn’t it funny how things often work out that way? For one thing, for the first time in my life, reading … Continue reading

FIN, and the Beginning

I finished my novel yesterday. I’ve been meaning to get back into blogging, which hasn’t been going so well (clearly), but don’t let that fool you into thinking I haven’t been writing.  When I have been writing, I’ve been focused. It’s a bit strange, because I’ve been very close to the end for a few … Continue reading

Dear Me

Sometimes you make mistakes. But I don’t hate you for it. Sometimes you fall down. Sometimes you do things that hurt yourself and others. You even do things that you know are a bad idea. You allow pride to work against your sense of right and wrong. But I don’t hate you for it. You’ve … Continue reading

I’m So Lucky

Every so often, I want to sit down and write the Acknowledgements page of my book.  I never let myself, and often lecture myself for thinking so far ahead; treating something as a book that is, at present, only an unfinished manuscript. Yet, the need to be grateful never really wanes in me, so I … Continue reading

47 Days

I told a good friend of mine today that I have 47 days to finish the first manuscript of my book. I’ve been trying to write a book my entire life, and have made significant progress.  However, I have never finished anything, and I thought it was about time I did.  So, I made my … Continue reading

A New Understanding

My poor husband.  He is the closest person to me on the planet.  He hears about everything I think and feel (often whether he wants to or not).  He is forced to sit by and absorb all my dreams, hopes, anxieties and struggles, day after day.  And like a good problem-solver, he always offers suggestions … Continue reading

Don’t Chalk Me Up To Crazy, Yet

Maybe a word of explanation here is in order.  Before you all start to think that I’m jumping off the crazy bridge, worrying about things I can’t possibly reach right now. I believe, very strongly, in the idea that our decisions, large and small, deeply impact the people we become, the places we go, and … Continue reading

Believe or Make-Believe?

I realized something the other day.  Something kind of heartbreaking.  Something that has been strangling me ever since. I don’t believe in myself as a writer.  In fact, I don’t believe in myself about much of anything. Often, I’ll share this thought with my husband.  Deliberately misunderstanding me, he’ll pinch me lightly and say, “Yep, … Continue reading